A first guide to statistical computations in R


R is a statistical computer program used and developed by statisticians around the world. It is probably the leading statistical program, at least among statisticians, and it is freely available [R Development Core Team, 2010]. You can read more about the program on the R home page www.r-project.org.

This guide to R is intended for the newcomer who wants to do statistical analysis with R, and needs a guide to get started and a reference for common data handling and statistical analysis. The guide is in no way complete, but you should be able to do quite a bit based on this guide alone. Once acquainted with R you will surely need information from the numerous other sources, many of which are freely available and easily found from the R pages. Notice that R can also be used as a general purpose programming language, but this is outside the scope of this guide.

The selection of material reflects what is needed for our teaching in statistics for students of various disciplines, mostly biological, at the University of Copenhagen.

The guide is divided into two parts, the first part on R basics, and the second part on statistical analyses using R. In the second part we use various datasets for illustration. They are all available in the R package Guide1data, click the above Data link for installation of the package.

Publisher: Biofolia



This guide gives a quick introduction to common statistical analyses within the biosciences.